Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's Learn to Understand Women

You belong to men who often quarrel with your spouse? Or lamented, "What the heck wants this woman?" or those of you who have recently tried to approach women .. ya essential read.

According to Louann Brizendine, author of the book "The Female Brain", the female brain is different from the male brain. "There is no unisex brain," says expert psychiatric nerves of University of California San Francisco, United States.

Here are ten "leaked" Brizendine given about the content of women's heads:

1. Fond of taking risks as we age
Women over 50 have a higher motivation to do new things. Starting from contributing to local communities, to venturing into remote places. "Women want to do something for him after all this time raising a family," said Brizendine.

2. Second puberty at age of 40
It usually occurs around age 43. This period is called perimenopause. At this time women had menstrual erratic, often excessive sweating during sleep, and hormonal changes that mood up and down.

According to Brizendine, the perimenopause lasts between two to nine years.

3. Parenting can make a quiet woman.
Breastfeeding can relieve stress. Journal of Neuroscience in 2005 declared the effect of breastfeeding on the mother could be more soothing than the use of cocaine. "At this time, women want everything organized, including her husband," he said.

4. Woman's brain shrinks during pregnancy
Do not be emotional when his wife suddenly slow while pregnant. Research shows brains shrink as much as four percent of women during pregnancy. "Do not worry, be normal within six months after birth," said Brizendine.

During pregnancy, women are more sleep. Because the hormone progesterone, which makes drowsiness, increased by 30-fold during the first eight weeks of pregnancy.

5. Sexual stimulation easily extinguished
For women, orgasm is obtained if some part of her brain shut. Unfortunately, a lot of things that can make parts of it re-opens. Ranging from anger, distrust, even cold feet. "For men apply three minutes of foreplay before intercourse, to women 24 hours in advance," said Brizendine.

6. Women avoid aggression
Women tend to be avoiding confrontation and physical aggression. This, Brizendine says, comes from considering the motherly instincts of survival of her children.

7. More vulnerable to pain
Various studies last ten years shows female brain is more sensitive to pain and stress. "This explains why women are more prone to depression and post-traumatic stress," said Brizendine.

8. Women always want to respond when conflict
Still do not like conflict, women are more upset if not ignored during the conflict. This is because they are more sensitive than men. "For women, a negative response is better than no response at all," he said.

9. Can "Mind Reading"
Not magic is not magic, it's biological capabilities acquired as hereditary role of women in parenting. Biologically, women are able better to read nonverbal cues such as facial expression, posture, and tone of voice than men.

10. Mood can be changed every day
PMS or premenstrual syndrome is not the only scapegoat that causes women mood plummeted. Brizendine says women's mood changed almost every day because of the influence of hormones.

Before ovulation, usually commencing 10 days from the start of menstruation, women tend to be more sexy. "As if to find a partner as the fertile period," said Brizendine. The following week, progesterone increases. The impact of female hormones tranquilizer is so over-leyeh leyeh hooked. "The following week progesterone drop, makes women so easily offended," he said. Mood women, she continued, reaching a nadir at 12 to 24 hours before the beginning of menstruation